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Assistance Package 4 days / 3 nights FUENTES del VINO SUR PLUS CONFORT
945 € - 730 €

In this modality, COMFORT ASSITANCE, the group will pedal together with one of our support vehicles and we will provide food and drinks supplies. Additionally, we will show you the most interesting spots of the route and we will contribute to your trip to go a step further in the quality ladder.

In the COMFORT format, accommodation is offered in single beds in the rooms each hotel assigns. These may be for 2, 3 or more people.

Proposals avoiding Friday or Saturday nights in Laguardia.

945 €: Price per person, for groups of 4 to 8 people.

730 €: Price per person for a group of 12 participants. For other scenarios, the budget will be sent depending on group size.




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